The Columbarium
Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church
The Columbarium at the Fairfield Glade Methodist Church became a reality in the year 2000. Through a
survey of its members, the interest was very positive to establish this addition to our Church.

The Columbarium is located on the southeast corner of the church property and provides a secluded and
sacred place where friends may visit in quiet and safety. It stands as a beautiful resting place for members of
our church. It was designed and constructed (using Tennessee native stone) to reflect its place as an
integral element of the larger church facility. There are 160 Niches in the Columbarium, 80 on the “Sunrise”
side and 80 on the “Sunset” side.

Infant baptism, holy Communion, marriages, and weekly worship are all celebrated within our church. The
columbarium continues our ministry at a time of death by providing for those who choose a dignified space
for burial, with perpetual care, within the church property.

With the disbursement of families away from home, we can expect increasing numbers to choose internment
in the place where they have found so much meaning for their lives.

If you are interested in acquiring a Niche in the Church Columbarium, you may contact the church office for
names on the committee.
Columbarium Update
Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church Columbarium Committee has established a Columbarium
Endowment Fund for those who may wish to contribute towards the maintenance of the columbarium.  
Contact Read Saunders, 707-7810, for more details.